Examples of who should be in a chapter team, goals, and tasks.

A template for initial and ongoing competency assessment for employees.

When visiting a hospital, surveyors use this worksheet to confirm an organization’s compliance with the Discharge Planning CoPs. Use it to test your facility before surveyors arrive.

An article on high reliability and The Joint Commission’s ORO 2.0 assessment tools and resource library.

Surveyors continue to focus on the monitoring of contracted services. This article and accompanying checklists shows you how to get on top of it.

Last minute check for organization to use when surveyors arrive to rapidly remedy any areas of non-compliance

A document for the scribe to use on survey day to document surveyor interactions, locations/departments surveyed, findings, documents requested and other pertinent information to your organization.

CMS surveyors use this worksheet to assess organization’s compliance with Infection Control CoPs. Use it yourself to test your readiness.

Even top rated hospitals aren’t immune from survey deficiencies. This case study explains what happens when surveyors uncover major problems at your facility and the consequences of losing accreditation.