Last minute check for organization to use when surveyors arrive to rapidly remedy any areas of non-compliance

A document for the scribe to use on survey day to document surveyor interactions, locations/departments surveyed, findings, documents requested and other pertinent information to your organization.

CMS surveyors use this worksheet to assess organization’s compliance with Infection Control CoPs. Use it yourself to test your readiness.

Even top rated hospitals aren’t immune from survey deficiencies. This case study explains what happens when surveyors uncover major problems at your facility and the consequences of losing accreditation.

The Survey Coordinator's Handbook, 20th Edition, is the ultimate resource in survey prep for all accreditation professionals no matter their experience level. This handbook walks through every step of preparation, explaining key problem areas and highlighting major...

Chapter Leader’s Guide to Environment of Care, Second Edition breaks down The Joint Commission's Emergency Management requirements into easy-to-understand solutions to meet the challenges of these complex standards. 

Accreditation is a complex topic with multiple branches, specialties, and nuances. New accreditation specialists often come from disparate backgrounds, with huge variations in the type and amount of training (if any) they had before accepting their new role. There’s a steep learning curve...

Ever wonder what the difference between CMS, Joint Commission, DNV, HFAP, and CIHQ is? This chart has the answers.