Knowing when to conduct tracers throughout the year can be tricky. This 12-month schedule shows you how to space out focused medical record reviews and individual patient tracers.

National Patient Safety Goals (NPSG) are one of the ways The Joint Commission highlights major problem areas in patient safety. Even if you’re not Joint Commission accredited, it’s a good idea to look at the NPSGs to see what major health concerns are.

Tracers are meant to simulate real surveys so you can test yourself. This is an example of what an inpatient tracer should look like.

Last minute check for organization to use when surveyors arrive to rapidly remedy any areas of non-compliance

Please read the attached PDF before delving into Survey Training Essentials Toolket (STET) files. It contains a short booklet on how to use and sort through STE tools

  • STET CMS: This category provides examples and tools to assist in
  • ...

Use this tool as a guide for ongoing record reviews. Next to each question, note whether the standard was met (√), not met (X) or not applicable (NA)