ECRI: Top 10 Patient Safety Concerns

ECRI has published its annual report on the top patient safety concerns facing the healthcare industry. You can download the report from the longtime patient safety organization and its suggestions for tackling these issues here. If you’ve had to deal with any of these concerns or solutions, please email us at

1. The pediatric mental health crisis

2. Physical and verbal violence against healthcare staff

3. Clinician needs in times of uncertainty surrounding maternal-fetal medicine

4. Impact on clinicians expected to work outside their scope of practice and competencies

5. Delayed identification and treatment of sepsis

6. Consequences of poor care coordination for patients with complex medical conditions

7. Risks of not looking beyond the “five rights” to achieve medication safety

8. Medication errors resulting from inaccurate patient medication lists

9. Accidental administration of neuromuscular blocking agents

10. Preventable harm due to omitted care or treatment

We’ll have more on the top 10 concerns in upcoming publications.  

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