The Accreditation & Quality Compliance Center (AQCC) is a one-stop-shop, online resource for accreditation, quality, and patient safety professionals. This digital offering combines the Accreditation and Patient Safety market’s flagship publications (Inside Accreditation & Quality and Patient Safety Monitor Journal) into one robust destination for analysis, guidance, and on-the-job resources. It also provides archives of our legacy publications Inside the Joint Commission and Briefings on Accreditation and Quality.

AQCC will feature weekly article releases as well as a monthly newsletter delivered in print and online. As a member you’ll receive best practices and tools related to sentinel events, care of patients, medication errors, infection control, restraints, competencies, credentialing, patient assessment, falls and workplace violence.

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  • Comply with latest Joint Commission standards
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  • Master training requirements
  • Improve survey scores
  • Provide better patient care

Users can sign up Basic of Platinum membership gaining accessing to a range of product offerings including Patient Safety Standards Crosswalks, an Accreditation Encyclopedia, a Career Center, CMS Compliance Crosswalk, Mock Tracer Toolkit, Accreditation Training Toolkit, webinars and more. See below for a complete breakdown.

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  • Inside Accreditation & Quality- This monthly publication offers expert advice, analysis, and best practices on complying with accreditors’ standards to ensure a successful accreditation system at your facility
  • Accreditation Insider - A weekly enewsletter with the latest tips, tools, and strategies to implement successful accreditation programs and achieve professional growth
  • Patient Safety Monitor Journal - Expert advice, analysis, and best practices on breaking down the latest patient safety news and guidance to address your facility’s patient safety and quality challenges
  • Searchable Archives – Access articles that ran in Briefings on Accreditation & Quality, Inside the Joint Commission and Patient Safety Monitor Journal.
  • The Accreditation Encyclopedia - An on-the-go reference packed with easy-to-digest accreditation and quality terms, definitions, and guidance to assist members in their daily tasks
  • Resources Library - Customizable forms, tools, policies, and procedures
  • Forum - A modern platform where members swap field-tested tips, tools, and lessons learned on a range of hot industry topics
  • HCPro Career Center - A sleek site where members can connect with talented professionals or search for new career opportunities


Subscribe to Accreditation & Quality Compliance Center Platinum and gain access to all the benefits of BASIC plus access to:

  • Patient Safety Monitor Crosswalk—Comparisons of state, CMS, and Joint Commission requirements by topic in a user-friendly searchable format.
  • The CMS Compliance Crosswalk—A searchable crosswalk of the Conditions of Participation (CoP) set forth by CMS that highlights which requirements from The Joint Commission and other accrediting organizations correspond to individual CoPs. Using a table format, the crosswalk covers each CoP, explains how accreditation standards differ from the CMS requirements, and offers tips and documentation suggestions for survey preparation.
  • Mock Tracer Toolkit—A concise breakdown of regulatory standards in a mock survey checklist format, guidelines for performing practice tracers, and tools for addressing identified compliance challenges.
  • Survey Training Essentials Toolkit—A complete ready-made tools library that allows you to download and customize survey prep training for your entire staff, fostering compliance and survey readiness across the organization.
  • Webinars—Timely, targeted industry education delivered by top experts.
  • E-Library—An evolving collection of best-sellers that feature how-to guidance on accreditation, safety, and quality concerns. The library includes The Compliance Guide to The Joint Commission’s Patient Safety Systems Chapter, which covers The Joint Commission’s patient safety requirements, the role of hospital leaders in patient safety, use of data and reporting systems, and more.

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