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Throughout the site, we mention organizations, products, and services that might interest users. This does not signify our endorsement of them. The fact that a certain organization, product, or service is not listed on our site simply means that we are not aware of its existence. Please let us know of any missing products or services by emailing us.

The Joint Commission and Other Accreditors

HCPro is not affiliated in any way with The Joint Commission, which owns the JCAHO and Joint Commission trademarks, or any other accreditor. Statements such as “The Joint Commission requires” are based on careful readings of The Joint Commissions standards, exposure to The Joint Commission’s surveyor training, and frequent observation of The Joint Commission survey teams at work. We attempt to provide users with the best predictions and interpretations of current Joint Commission requirements, but caution users that advice given is general, and users should consult professional counsel for specific instruction.

Federal and state law can differ from those of The Joint Commission or other accrediting organizations. These requirements can be stated in licensing laws or regulations or in a contract or contract-like document (e.g., Medicare Conditions of Participation).

Online Interaction Guidelines

HCPro and its subsidiaries embrace online social networking and interactivity and recognize it as a crucial channel to keep in touch with healthcare professionals and the important issues that they face.

HCPro is continuously exploring how online social media can better connect the company to its customers and other healthcare professionals in order to meet the company's mission to assist our customers with their mission of healing, and continuous improvement of healthcare, through superior education, unparalleled service, and practical tools and guidance. HCPro believes in the importance of open exchange and learning. It is the company's intent to use online social media as a means to stay better-connected and become more aware of the important issues and needs in healthcare.

It is HCPro's intent to not censure, interfere or influence content or subject matter on blogs posted on its sites in order to preserve the true nature of this media. HCPro will also not censure, modify or delete comments and product reviews posted by its online visitors provided that these comments and reviews meet HCPro's professionalism standards listed below.

HCPro views public comment and product reviews as an opportunity to improve products and services and stay better-connected with the healthcare industry. The company views its sites as a way to encourage networking with peers and HCPro in an open forum setting.

However, in order to maintain a level professional service to its online readers, HCPro enforces the following guidelines. Content placed by online visitors that does not follow these guidelines may be subject to removal.

  1. Be relevant to other readers. When making comments on blog posts or articles or writing product reviews, please stay on topic about that particular blog post, article or product review. Provide information that you think will benefit other readers like yourself. While it isn't the intent of HCPro to censure or dictate public content, HCPro does want to ensure that the content is relevant to its website visitors.
  2. Be professional. Don't use obscene or profane language, ethnic slurs, personal insults or act in an unprofessional manner or manner that would not be acceptable in your own professional setting. HCPro reserves the right to remove any content (complete or in part) on its sites that is deemed objectionable as described in the online interaction guidelines.
  3. Be mindful of subject matters that may be offensive or inflammatory. Topics such as religion and/or politics may be sensitive areas to other readers. Please use your comments to assist your peers with their healthcare issues, not use them to promote your own political or religious beliefs.
  4. Don't infringe on copyright laws or plagiarize from other publications, sites, postings or other types of content. Please do not post content to which you are not the original creator, owner, or do not have permission for its use.
  5. Contribute. Make your comments important and provide information that will have an impact on other readers. If you disagree with an expert's column, we encourage you to let other readers know, but tell them why you disagree. If you like a particular HCPro product we encourage you to tell us the reasons why. Conversely, if a particular product didn't meet your needs, we want to know.
  6. Terms of Use: Your use of this site indicates your acceptance of the HCPro Terms of Use and these guidelines.

Please note that blogs on this site and other sites owned by HCPro are being provided as a forum for public discussion about issues relating to healthcare and safety. HCPro encourages frank and open discussion among members and visitors. However, it is critical that the blog be used responsibly, and that individuals posting and reading messages understand and adhere to a few basic rules:

  1. HCPro has no direct control over content posted on blogs by members and visitors and therefore cannot take responsibility for the accuracy of any information contained in posts, including the identity or expertise of the individuals who submit them. The views expressed in posts may not necessarily reflect the views of HCPro.
  2. Nothing on the blogs should be interpreted as medical or legal advice, or the rendering of medical, legal or other professional services. If you are in need of such services, please consult a professional, who can provide advice and care tailored to your specific situation.
  3. Individuals posting on HCPro blogs are responsible for ensuring that posts comply with all applicable laws (such as those regarding copyright, defamation, etc.), and do not include inappropriate statements, such as racial slurs, obscenities, etc. Individuals submitting posts are responsible for ensuring that all content is original to them, or that they have any required permission to post it. In addition, individuals should not include the names of other individuals or institutions (such as doctors, nurses, hospitals, etc.); the intent of HCPro blogs is to provide a venue for people to share their own experiences generally, not to call out others for praise or criticism.
  4. This is a public forum, and it is understood that blog posts may be read widely. In addition to appearing on its blogs, HCPro may use posts (including their content and the submitted name and institution of the poster) on other parts of this website, in printed promotional material, or otherwise, without further permission or any compensation. The posts on HCPro blogs are for your own non-commercial use only; they may not be reprinted, distributed or compiled without the express written permission of HCPro.
  5. This is not a place to solicit services or promote the sale of any goods, whether or not related to healthcare or accreditation. For example, we ask that you do not submit posts that relate to provision of healthcare consulting services.
  6. Individuals submitting posts to blogs agree to hold HCPro, its agents, employees, officers and directors harmless from any loss, claim or damage arising from your use of any of the information and ideas contained on the site, including following suggestions or advice posted on the blogs.
  7. HCPro may remove any posts that, in its sole discretion, fail to comply with these rules or with its Privacy Policy or Terms of Use.

HCPro welcomes members of the healthcare community to participate in its online forums, blogs and other interactive areas. We want to thank you for being an important contributor to the success of the company's sites and for keeping our sites as professional resources for you and your peers.

If you have any questions about HCPro's interaction guidelines or want to alert us to public content that you find objectionable, please call our Customer Service Center at 800-650-6787 Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern Standard Time or by email at customerservice@hcpro.com.

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