Joint Commission clarifies ligature risk requirements

In a new blog post, The Joint Commission (TJC) clarified its new ligature risk requirements regarding common patient room items and fixtures.

In the blog post, TJC explained that it does not require the:

  • Removal of bathroom doors
  • Use of paper gowns
  • Removal of all artwork from walls
  • Removal of televisions or remote controls
  • Specific types of sheets, comforters or blankets that can or cannot be used
  • Above-door sensors/alarms

While TJC asks facilities to create their own policies on searching patient belongings, the accreditor doesn’t specify a list of items that can or can’t be brought into a unit—that’s up to the facility. Nor does it say what items need to be searched when brought into a medical unit. Read the full clarification on The Joint Commission website.

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