A chart of the ECRI Institute’s top health technology hazards of 2018, along with possible scorable standard for each.

Medical Reconciliation is the process of creating the most accurate list possible of all medications a patient is taking. This chart shows how to keep your records updated.

This article and checklist are a starting points on apologizing patients after an adverse event, as well as doing a root cause analysis to discover what went wrong.

Documentation doesn’t do you good if you can’t find the files when surveyors ask for it. This article is on the importance of organizing your documents, with advice on how to do so.

If it’s not documented, it’s not done. This article is on the importance of documentation in passing a survey.

A short quiz on CMS’ emergency preparedness CoPs.

Use this tool to ensure fire drills don’t follow a predictable pattern.

A handoff is when a patient is transferred between caregivers, and the information those caregivers share. This article is on the importance of these handoffs, and includes mnemonics and a one-page printout example on how to improve transfers.

Run through this list to assess harm after a patient has fallen.