From the Urgent Care Association (UCA) The 2019 Urgent Care Industry white paper is a useful resource for media, urgent care centers, medical professionals, vendors, and anyone interested in learning more...

Use this chart to check worker safety training requirements for hospitals. This chart has been reviewed by healthcare and OSHA compliance experts, but may not be all inclusive for every facility.

The Salary Survey whitepaper asked people in the quality and accreditation field how much they're paid, what their duties are, and much more. 

  • CIHQ receives deeming authority
  • A different route into the accreditation arena
  • FPPE, OPPE, and physician involvement: Communication key to developing optimal practices
  • Salary growth still limited
  • ...
  • Surviving Superstorm Sandy: New York hospital uses previous disaster experience to navigate hurricane
  • Drift’s role in preventing infections: How one organization targeted habits and behavior to improve quality of care
  • ...
  • Defining the role: A look at survey coordinators and job titles
  • Something to retire to
  • Q&A: Evaluating and clarifying requirements for improvement

This special report includes results from AHAP’s 2012 Accreditation Professional Salary Survey. In it you’ll find a summary of this year’s statistics, as well as salary data broken out for each region of the country, location type (urban, suburban, or rural), and bed size.

Beginning in...

This special report includes results from AHAP’s first benchmarking survey for 2012, Recent Survey Observations and Experiences. This survey follows up on a recent Quarterly Networking Call on the same topic, during which members talked about recent Joint Commission visits, such as what...

  • Economy continues to limit salary growth for accreditation professionals
  • Blanket warmer policies: Appropriate temperatures, evidence-based literature, and updated manufacturer recommendations discussed
  • The multifaceted balancing act of leadership
  • Are surveys becoming more user-friendly?
  • Top-down continuous survey readiness is its own reward for Tampa-based member
  • Autopsy policy, complaint resolution on the top of surveyors’ list of must-sees
  • Connecticut-based healthcare system finds survey success in a
  • ...