Report: Well-being less a priority in physician workplace culture

Only 31% of physicians believe their workplace culture prioritizes their well-being, according to a recent survey by the Physician Foundation. This represents a 5% decline from a year ago.

Predictably, 58% of physicians reported often having feelings of burnout. This is the third year in a row in which physicians have reported feeling burned out at this level. For comparison, in 2018 only four in 10 physicians reported often having feelings of burnout.

Residents reported faring no better, with 61% saying that they often have feelings of burnout. However, unlike physicians, a higher proportion of residents (61%) reported that well-being was a priority at their workplace, program, or institution. When it comes to medical students, 71% reported often having feelings of burnout, with four in 10 believing that their institutions prioritize their well-being.

Despite all this, 61% of physicians would still choose to be a physician if they had the chance to choose again. However, only 40% would recommend a career in medicine to young people.

Source: The Physician Foundation

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