This document from the World Health Organization provides guidance for responding to community transmission of COVID-19.

A CDC infographic showing the difference between different types of surgical masks. 

Use this policy, shared courtesy of Lynda Bailey, RN, BSN, CSHA, accreditation specialist for quality and patient safety at the University of Utah Hospitals and Clinics, as a starting place to review your own toy cleaning practices and procedures. (Originally ran in Inside the Joint Commission...

A quick tutorial on how to make the most out of what Accreditation & Quality Compliance Center has to offer.

Customize this data report by Ivan Gowe to keep patient care units up-to-date with how they're doing on infection control. For more information, see guest column on page 7 of the December 2019 issue of Inside Accreditaiton and Quality.

Customize this room checklist, developed by Patton Healthcare Consulting, for use in your facility when an at-risk patient is in a general acute inpatient setting. 

Printable poster from the World Health Organization on how to properly wash hands. 

California is the only state that has set minimum nurse-to-patient ratios. The law took effect back in 2004 and was put into California’s Title 22. The minimum number of nurses varies depending on the type of...