With 16.8% of the U.S. population (55.8 million) in their golden years (i.e., age 65 and older), attempts to disseminate and adopt evidence-based improvements for geriatric...

Here is a sample blanket-warmer risk assessment that you can use as a baseline template for a wide variety of practices and issues.

Download your own copy of the CMS Fire Safety Survey Report used by CMS surveyors.

Create easy to store and quick to move disaster kits to provide staff items they may need in an emergency.

To read more about the Rural Emergency Hospitals Conditions of Participation, go here. To read just the COPs, download PDF. 

This departmental workplace violence risk assessment is courtesy of Bryan Warren, MBA, CHPA, CPO-I, president and chief consultant for WarSec Security. To read more about this tool, go...

This workplace violence hotwash scorecard is courtesy of Bryan Warren, MBA, CHPA, CPO-I, president and chief consultant for WarSec Security.  Read more information on using this tool...

Use this kitchen fire inspection report, provided by Brad Keyes, CHSP, founder of Keyes Life Safety Compliance, as a checklist. It is based on requirements found in NFPA 17A-2009. 

This document from the World Health Organization provides guidance for responding to community transmission of COVID-19.