Use forms such as these to develop a list of the clinical contracts that Joint Commission surveyors might ask to review, along with the non-clinical contracts the CMS has shown an interest in.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency offers this checklist to use as you review your orders of command succession, which is required for your emergency preparedness planning.

An article on how to take another facility’s innovation or quality improvement project and making it work in your facility.

A template for initial and ongoing competency assessment for employees.

A fill-in-the-blank contract listing the responsibilities and expectations of those working on a quality improvement program.

Project management tool to help the accreditation coordinator monitor compliance activities.

This article and checklist are a starting points on apologizing patients after an adverse event, as well as doing a root cause analysis to discover what went wrong.

High-reliability markers to assess checklist design and implementation

A blank Report Out Form, with rooms for your project's name, date, objectives, metrics, and analysis.