High-reliability markers to assess checklist design and implementation

A blank Report Out Form, with rooms for your project's name, date, objectives, metrics, and analysis. 

Please read the attached PDF before delving into Survey Training Essentials Toolket (STET) files. It contains a short booklet on how to use and sort through STE tools

  • STET CMS: This category provides examples and tools to assist in
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Example of what a Report Out Sheet should look like.

A blank word doc is included in the tools section as well.

List the name, date, objective, and metrics of success of a project on this sheet. 

A template letter for inviting someone to your leadership team.

This folder contains  questions and other tools to help accreditation professionals coach staff and provide education on new and revised standards/Elements of Performance (EP) for continuous survey readiness. The questions and tools are based on the standards found in The Joint Commission’s ...